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Why I Love My Characters and their World

I have finally reached the point in my novel where I don’t feel awkward writing, or like a stranger trying to describe events I can barely remember. I feel like the master of this world and my characters feel like old friends.

This is such in incredible feeling. The feeling of slipping away into another world I get from reading I can now get from writing, and I am at the wheel. So now it’s like living a lucid dream, I can describe these settings and interactions knowing I am in control.

My characters are beautiful and thriving. They all have their faults and their talents that make them so unique and real to me. I love each and every one of them so much. Maybe because lately I have been feeling a lot more self-love. They are a part of me after all. Veronica has my awkwardness and empathy, Aila has my shyness and loyalty. Curly Sue has my love and pride in others. Nadia has my sexuality. Ester has my skepticism and love of learning. Anne has my leadership and my burdens. Teja has my loneliness and love. Cordelia has the spirit I have tucked away but find some days. I love them all more than words can describe. I am a proud book mama.

But seriously I can get so welled up with pride in them I feel like my heart has grown to encompass these lovely pirate ladies, searching the seas for their paradise in a world that has spurned them for wanting to be who they are. I hope when I finish this journey, you all will love them and their world the way I do.


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