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Character Picture Writing Prompt

This is one of my favorite writing prompts to do with my club, you give people a selection of characters, they choose two and have five minutes to make character bios, then they must write a scene or a story with these two characters. Have fun writers, if you’re feeling brave share what you come up with in the comments below 🙂 My piece will be below the pictures.


(Victoria sits at a desk shuffling papers. Amelia enters and taps on the door. Victoria looks up and makes a face at her appearance.)

V: Oh God.

A: What? Is something wrong?

V:(sighs) No no, come on in. Let’s get this over with.

(Amelia sits, she is uncomfortable)

V:Now then. You are here to interview for the (grimaces) assistant management position?

A: That’s correct. You’ll see on my resume I have a lot of experience. Last summer I was the assistant-

V: Yes yes I’ve seen your resume. (She flips through some more papers) What would you say is your biggest weakness?

A: Oh. Well I suppose I get really excited for projects, and I come up with all these out there ideas, so I have to remember to dial back into reality and make sure my goals are realistic.

V: Yes some of your ideas certainly are out there.

A: Excuse me?

V: Oh nothing.

A: No, what did you mean by that?

V: Well your hair for one thing.

A: What’s wrong with my hair?

V: Well that can’t be your natural color.

A: So what if it isn’t?

V: If you must know it’s highly unprofessional. You look like a teenager, or part of a punk rock band.

A: (really angry now) Well maybe expressing some individuality is a good thing, certainly better than having a stick up your butt. Who are you to judge me? You don’t know why I decided to color my hair or a damn thing about me.

V: Your attitude tells me enough.You aren’t getting this job.

A: The job description said they wanted someone who would bring originality and ingenuity to the company.

V: Yes, well I think you are a little TOO original.

A: TOO original? There’s no such thing. You would be so lucky to have me working here. Tell me, when was the last time you did something creative? When was the last time you did anything other than track back and forth from your 9-5, have lunch on the weekends with the girlfriends, and had boring missionary sex with your boyfriend?

V: (stunned, Amelia nailed her) Well… I-

A: Life is a beautiful and short thing. Do me a favor and stop wasting it trying to fit in with everyone else. (Amelia rises and strides towards the door) I want to work for a company that accepts me and encourages me to be who I am. (She exits.)

(Victoria sits there stunned for a moment. She takes out a small mirror and examines her face in it, frowning. Then, she takes down her hair, slides off her shoes, and dials a number on her phone.)

V: Phillip? There’s something we should talk about…



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