5 Tips on How to Take Criticism

There comes a point in time in every writer’s work when you send your little baby manuscript out into the world for feedback. You wait in agony for it to be read, only to get it back covered in criticism.

Even though criticism is what you asked for, it is still hard to take every single time. Your immediate reaction is to get defensive: ‘how could you say that about my child! To you know how many hours I spent on this?!’ Here’s some tips on how to get passed that reaction.

1.When you get feedback, make sure you are in a good mood.

If you’ve had a bad day don’t look at it, that’s the last thing you need to see right now. Come back to it when you can handle it with a positive attitude.

2.If a certain comment angers you or you disagree with it, take some deep breathes and come back to it later.

Sometimes harsher comments are just mean, other times they are the most useful feedback and you need to hear it. Take some time to really think about if you should listen to it or ignore it.

3.Get a second opinion.

Never make significant changes based on one person’s feedback, it could very well be just them. Sometimes you just have that one dumb reader who doesn’t get it. If multiple people are giving you the same critique: Houston we have a problem.

4.Learn to Love the Hate

You asked for feedback, and criticism is just that, feedback. Learn to appreciate every insult that someone took the time to write about your work. They are only trying to help you (in most cases) so see each critique as a present.

5.Remember, Your Work Will Get Better

The more critiques you read and adjust your work because of, the better your writing will get! You are that much closer to publishing a kickass manuscript that people will love and won’t be able to point out (as many) flaws of. You’ll be very glad for this process in the long run.



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