Meet My Characters!

Visualizing your characters is an important step in the writing process so that you figure out what your character looks like, and get to now them. You can draw, paint, or like me, use The Sims!

I love The Sims because you can manipulate so many facial features to the tiniest detail, and choosing traits and wardrobe gets me thinking about my character.

Here are the main characters from my upcoming novel in sims form:

Veronica Starling

The character we follow, she comes from a well off traditional english family, before she is kidnapped by pirates. Veronica has a long way to go to keep up with the pirate women who rescue her.

Personality: Very shy and proper, but eager to learn about the world and open to new ideas. She has a big heart and, as she’ll discover, a tough resolve.


Captain Anne Sherwood

Anne is the emotionally distant, but excellent leader of the ship. She refuses to talk about anything personal but steers her crew to triumph time and time again.

Anne bod.pngAnne face.png

Curly Sue

The first mate, and the mom of the group. She is everything Anne cannot be, the affection that holds the crew together. Unfortunately sims doesn’t have many big hair options so this was the best I could do. Curly Sue has huge brown curls and is half hispanic, but was raised in France.

Curly Sue bod.png


The weapons mistress. Nadia is a genius with weapons and mechanics. She is also deadly in battle and with her looks.

Nadia bod.png

Nadia profile.png


Nim is a filipino woman who escaped her island with her martial arts abilities. She trains the crew in her hand to hand combat tactics so that they are quite the force in battle. She has been hardened by the occupation of her people and the life she has been forced to lead.

Nim face.png


Ester has a similar backstory to Veronica. She is a genius in many fields and sucks in all the knowledge she can. Her main jobs on the ship are star chart navigation, and cooking. She is very suspicious of Anne and warns Veronica that not everything is as it seems on the ship.

Ester bod.png


Aila is from a scottish family that found the opportunity to wed her to a noble english family. She escaped with Cordelia and now is the lookout on the ship. She is very shy and self conscious about her sexuality and relationship.

Aila bod.png



Cordelia came to the ship with the love of her life, Aila. She is very open about her sexuality and has no shame, believing in living freely and experiencing everything while there is still time. She wants Aila to learn to love herself and not be so afraid of life.

Cordelia bod.png


Teja is a transgendered former Jamaican slave. She struggles with finding her identity in a world that does not accept her and has done nothing for her but deal bad hands.

Teja bod.png


Lionel ends up traveling with the pirate women. He is a bit full of himself, but deep down is deeply loyal and caring for others.

Lionel face.png


The only man of the crew, Davy struggles with going through puberty among a group of older women constantly fighting for their lives.

Davy face.png

I hope everyone enjoyed this sneak peek and is excited to read by book! 🙂


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