How I Overcame My Inner Critic

Everyone has one, that little voice inside your head telling you that your work sucks. Sometimes you can use your inner critic to your advantage to better your writing, but a lot of the time it gets in the way of productivity.

“What’s the point of trying if everything I write is garbage?”

Well you have to dig through the garbage to get to the gold. No one exited the womb with the ability to write fantastic prose, they worked at it to get to that point.

So when you are writing that first draft, you have to just accept that it’s going to be crap. (Or at least far from the quality you want)

But if you write every day you are going to improve every day until you start finding some nuggets of gold in your work, and eventually you’ll find that the editing process is a whole lot less painful than it used to be.

Just like any other skill, good writing takes A LOT of practice and patience. When I feel down about my writing now I just remind myself that all the writers that I admire have been exactly where I am now, and that the worst thing I can do is give up.


So, next time your inner critic has you wanting to give up, repeat after me:

•My first draft is going to be garbage, and I accept this.

•The more I work on my draft the less garbagey it will be.

•I will not give up because I owe it to myself to see this through and I AM capable.


Good luck writers! 🙂



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