Quarterly Goals Winter 2017

Copying the lovely Jenna Moreci, I’m starting to implement quarterly goals into my life.

What does this mean? Instead if having a resolution for the whole year that I will inevitably give up in a few weeks, having a dozen or so 3 month goals that are more achievable. If I complete more than half of these goals, I win! If I don’t, I suck and need to do better next time.

The primary goal of this is make myself write more and be more productive in the whole process of creating and publishing a novel, but personal goals will also be included.

So without further ado, my Winter Quarterly Goals:

1. Write at least 7,000 words of pirate novel

2. finish first draft of chapters 2-4 of pirate novel and send out for feedback

3. start a writing blog (OH HEY)

4. start a youtube channel

5. do yoga most days of the week

6. clean off my desk and use it

7. stay on top of classes (this means at least a C in tough classes, at least a B in easier ones)

8. plan and get speakers for the writing retreat

9. keep up with treasurer duties for theater club

10. finish USG requests for theater club

11. go to the career center and talk to someone(s) there

12. ask people to be references

13. apply to 10+ jobs

14. direct a successful play

15. go on a date 😉

16. hold at least 1 fundraiser per club

17. fix schedule

phew that’s a lot, and some are easier than others. Ambitious me hopes to do every single one of these, but I know some will fall through the cracks or only be half done, and I’m trying to convince myself that that’s OKAY. It is my last semester as an undergrad so I’m going to be hella busy and will have to decide what’s most important while still enjoying life.

Hope this new year brings everyone productivity and creativity! 🙂


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